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What is Document Management, and what are the benefits?


Features of Document Management

Instant Search and Retrieval

A recent BAE Systems study estimates that 80% of employees waste an average of a half an hour daily retrieving information. It also found that 60% of employees spend an hour or more each day duplicating the work of others. Coopers & Lybrand (now part of PriceWaterhouse-Coopers) estimates:

  • 90% of corporate memory exists on paper.
  • 90% of paper is merely shuffled.
  • The average document is copied 19 times.
  • 7.5% of documents are lost daily, while 2-4% of the remaining documents are misfiled.
  • It costs $20 in labor to file a document, $120 to find it if it has been misfiled and $220 to reproduce it if it is lost.
  • Filing volumes double every ten years.


Our Document Management Solution

  • Allows instant retrieval of documents and information from files.
  • Meet FOIA requests quickly
  • Enables more informed decision making
  • Improves office efficiency and productivity.
  • Single click search


Business Process Automation

  • Design rules-based routing systems to streamline document-handling procedures.
  • Copy and move documents using routing services and your computer network.
  • Automatically notify staff and supervisors.
  • Monitor user activity, guaranteeing efficiency.


Our workflow engine can also automate any business process, including:

  • Accounts Payable
  • Contracts
  • Case management
  • Human Resources
  • and much more!


Simplify Compliance

  • Protects the rights of the organization, its employees, and its customers.
  • Provides continuity in the event of a disaster.
  • Protects records from inappropriate and unauthorized access.
  • Meets statutory and regulatory requirements including archival, audit and oversight activities.
  • Provides protection and support in litigation.


Benefits of Document Management

Increase productivity and efficiency with:

  • Intelligent search methods that support searching with whatever criteria you have available.
  • Streamlined document distribution and improved accountability with automated workflow routing.
  • Reduced labor and clerical mistakes with automated OCR and indexing.
  • Read-only access for outside users.
  • Management of your entire organizational archives from your desktop computer.
  • Workflow solutions give you the power to recapture lost hours, reduce your overhead expenses and
    increase profitability, all while improving the level of service you provide to your customers.


Increase Revenue and cut costs by:

  • Lowering paper-handling costs.
  • Cutting the filing, duplication and retrieval costs of off-site storage.
  • Reducing organizational downtime in the case of a natural disaster.
  • Simplifying business continuity planning.
  • Using space currently needed for paper storage for more productive revenue-generating activities.

Our clients have experienced tremendous ROI with our solutions. One client was able to cut their staffing costs by 20%, resulting in a return of over 500% every year!


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