Laserfiche Mobile for iPad

The Future of Mobile Enterprise Content Management

The most powerful content management system in the world at your fingertips

The Apple iPad is revolutionizing the way people interact with business content. When used in conjunction with apps like Laserfiche Mobile, the iPad is enabling organizations to digitize and automate more business processes than ever before.



  • Provide secure, anywhere access to documents, metadata and audio-visual files.
  • Configure a custom view of the repository using the new Laserfiche Libraries feature.
  • Create and upload new electronic documents from anywhere in the world.
  • Participate in business processes on the go.
  • Track and audit all mobile activity occurring in Laserfiche.




Remote and Mobile Work

  • Access any Laserfiche entry directly from the Apple iPad.
  • Update metadata to start or progress a Workflow.
  • Scan remotely by capturing with the device camera.
  • Download and view Office documents and PDFs.


  • Search for metadata, document name, or full text.
  • Quickly browse through results with context hits to find the desired entry.

Image and Document Tools

  • E-mail links to entries directly from the Laserfiche repository.
  • Print documents to AirPrint printers.
  • Copy, move, rename or delete documents – securely and with auditing.
  • Easily switch between viewing the image, text, and electronic file components of a document.

Additional Capabilities

  • Breadcrumb navigation allows you to quickly return to previously visited locations in the repository by tapping them on the Bottom Toolbar.
  • The new Libraries feature allows you to group related entries together so that they can be quickly viewed together in the Libraries Pane of the Folder Browser.



Offer Secure, Anywhere Access

Quickly search for an entry using text, metadata, or name.

More and more employees are using the iPad as an office on the go. With Laserfiche Mobile for iPad, decision makers gain convenient, anywhere access to a variety of file types stored in the Laserfiche repository—without sacrificing information security.

  • Gain instant access to document images, OCRed text and metadata.
  • Rapidly input metadata viewed side-by-side with electronic and imaged documents.
  • View audio-visual materials stored in Laserfiche without leaving Laserfiche Mobile’s Document Viewer.
  • Search for stored content by field, entry name or full-text search.
  • Copy, move, rename, download, e-mail, print or delete content right from your iPad.


 Configure Custom Views of the Repository

With Libraries, you can group related entries together so that they can be quickly viewed together in the Libraries Pane of the Folder Browser.

The consumerization of IT has led many business users to demand a more personalized technology experience. Laserfiche Mobile for iPad accommodates this trend by granting users to ability to create a custom view of the Laserfiche repository using the new Laserfiche Libraries feature.

  • Save customizable lists of personal documents or folders.
  • Create bookmarks to frequently viewed files.


Create and Upload Electronic Documents from Wherever You Are

Create new documents by capturing new images with the iPad camera or selecting existing images from the photo library.

Tablet computing is making the dream of a paperless office a reality. Laserfiche Mobile for iPad makes it easy for employees to securely capture, view and act upon mission-critical electronic documents from wherever they are.

  • Upload electronic documents such as Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Adobe PDF files, as well as e-mail attachments and Dropbox files, into Laserfiche directly from your iPad.
  • Eliminate the cost of printing, scanning and indexing paper files.
  • Send content to Laserfiche that can be immediately accessed by authorized Laserfiche users.


Participate in Business Processes on the Go

Participate in workflow automation processes by accessing metadata fields.

Business processes can’t come to halt just because someone is away from his or her desktop computer. Laserfiche Mobile for iPad enables employees to participate in workflows from anywhere in the world. For example, social workers use Laserfiche Mobile for iPad when they’re in the field to complete and upload electronic client documentation, which is then automatically routed to the appropriate managers for review and approval, speeding response time.

  • Case Management
  • Contract Management
  • Hiring


Provide Iron-clad Security from Mobile Devices

Maintain auditability over all system interactions, even if they take place on a mobile device.

Although coping with the consumerization of IT can be a challenge from an IT and risk management perspective, the right tools can help you strike the right balance between mobility and security. As part of the Laserfiche ECM suite, Laserfiche Mobile for iPad combines the flexibility of mobile devices with iron-clad security and audit-proof compliance.

  • Constantly monitor content access and retrieval.
  • Enforce standard operating procedures even when employees are out of the office.
  • Underpin your information governance strategy with security features including role-based authorization, access control and Active Directory authentication.


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