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Guarantee the Reliability and Integrity of Case Files

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Guarantee the Reliability and Integrity of Case Files
Complete, secure case records are critical to a smoothly running court system. Laserfiche’s granular security system helps you design and implement a security policy that works within your existing environment. It also provides you with something file folders can’t: the confidence that your records are safe from tampering, destruction or loss.

  • Control expunged or sealed records, and prevent them from showing up in a repository search.
  • Dynamically apply document-level security, maintaining different levels of security for each type of document within a case file.
  • Guarantee security all the way down to individual words—such as a witness’s name or address—with blackout and whiteout redactions.
  • Eliminate misplaced files, files lost in transit from off-site storage facilities and inappropriately accessed files.


Automate Work Processes
Laserfiche helps you automate and streamline work processes wherever possible, from bringing information into the system to speeding labor-intensive, paper-based processes.

  • Automate case filing, e-filing and records requests to free up staff time.
  • Trigger workflow activities from actions taken in a third-party application, such as your case management system (CMS).
  • Maintain the integrity of sealed case files by automatically routing them to a confidential folder.
  • Use information extracted from documents, reports and outside data sources to automate indexing and processing.
  • Minimize data entry by pulling information from a state judicial database or CMS.


Improve Records Management
Managing juvenile, felony, misdemeanor, civil and domestic cases leaves you struggling to control multiple record schedules, differing security requirements and, worst of all, overwhelming amounts of paper. Laserfiche helps you control records related to the different types of cases your court hears, whether archived or current. And DoD 5015.2-certified Records Management Edition provides a structured, records series-based repository that is invisible to the user accessing the system—so records management doesn’t interfere with your existing work processes.

  • Guarantee the integrity of records—whether scanned paper, electronic or physical—throughout their life cycle.
  • Run reports detailing where records are in their life cycle and which records are eligible for transfer, accession or destruction.
  • Log system activity to demonstrate compliance with regulations, including expungement or sealing orders.


Manage All Your Information More Effectively
Paper case file folders can be difficult to locate and update, and frequently impede information exchange among attorneys, file clerks and secretaries. With Laserfiche, you store all your information—including scanned paper documents, e-mails, Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint files, digital audio and video files, photographs and PDFs—in a central, secure repository, so staff can easily locate and share information.

  • Quickly and easily access, add and update case file information, regardless of format.
  • Enable multiple staff members to access and work with the same case file simultaneously.
  • Assign templates to each file type to simplify document sorting, search and retrieval.
  • Use Laserfiche Web Access to work with documents anywhere you have an internet connection, or burn entire case files to CD, so you can work with your files wherever you are.


Speed Document Review
KPMG estimates that first-level document review encompasses anywhere from 58-90% of total litigation costs. Laserfiche streamlines document review so your staff quickly narrows the document set for further review.

  • Annotate documents with working notes.
  • Locate information—even in handwritten paper documents—with powerful indexing functionality.
  • Quickly identify pertinent documents with highlighted search results.
  • Separate and secure privileged information with user-, folder- and document-level security.
  • Export search results to an Excel spreadsheet to quickly identify “hot” documents.


Simplify the Discovery Process
Copying and distributing discovery documents is one of the most resource-consuming components of litigation. With Laserfiche, you reduce the costs of discovery production, both in staffing and supplies.

  • Provide opposing counsel with secure read-only Web access to discovery documents.
  • Enable opposing counsel to submit discovery documents electronically, which can then be added to the master case file.
  • Securely redact privileged information from discoverable documents.
  • Burn documents to CDs or DVDs with included viewers and search functionality, enabling access from computers that do not have Laserfiche software installed.


Streamline Litigation Preparation
Preparing for litigation often involves time-consuming searches through boxes of documents. Drop your highlighter and use Laserfiche to easily search the case file—you’ll be more familiar with your case and better prepared for testimony and cross-examination.

  • Search the full text of transcripts, witness statements and depositions and save results for use at trial.
  • Use bolded lines of context to quickly identify when a witness refers to an item at issue.
  • Sort documents chronologically to establish a timeline and easily identify a sequence of events.
  • Create shortcuts to important documents, maintaining the integrity of the case file while separating out specific documents needed for trial.
  • Promote better communication with opposing counsel, easier pretrial conferences and quicker case resolutions.

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