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Accelerated Information Systems Recognized For Exceptional Performance in 2013

February, 2014 – Accelerated Information Systems (AIS) announced that it has been named a Laserfiche Winners Circle Achiever, along with many other prestigious recognitions.


Accelerated Information Systems Recognized For Excellence In 2012


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - East Meadow, NY – May 28th - Accelerated Information Systems received their greatest recognition to date at Laserfiche’s Empower 2013 conference, in Anaheim, CA. Laserfiche honored Accelerated with multiple awards, including the New Sales Improvement Award and the Run Smarter Award for one of their client’s exemplary use of Laserfiche software. These achievements, along with company growth of over one-hundred and thirty percent, earned Accelerated Information Systems recognition as a “Winner’s Circle” VAR for 2012.


Laserfiche Forms Release Date | January 2013

"In the information economy, leading organizations look for enterprise content management tools that are flexible enough to accommodate the needs of multiple departments while centralizing control and security", said Tom Wayman, Vice President of Product Strategy at Laserfiche. "That's what agile ECM—including Laserfiche Forms and Laserfiche Mobile™ for iPad—is all about."


Laserfiche Mobile for iPad Demo

ipad-demoLaserfiche Mobile for iPad is here! We've been using the new iPad version of Laserfiche Mobile for about a month now, and we love it! Check out our video demo on YouTube, or "Read more..." to watch it embedded on our site! Also inside, some features of the Laserfiche Mobile for iPad.


Laserfiche Mobile for iPad | A Personal Reflection

As I sit here working from my iPad, I have to laugh to myself at how easy it has become to stay connected. I was just reading an article in Newsweek regarding how only a few short years ago, only the executives and high powered whoevers of the world had their Blackberries for instant communication. It was imperative, no, critical, that every email and request was answered immediately.

Now we all suffer from such urgency.


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